About The Health Panel

About The Health Panel

The Health Panel is a website and a database, which people with or without chronic diseases can sign up for, who thereby can become participants in research projects. The website works as a database, which means that we will only contact you if your health profile matches a relevant, ongoing research project. The Health Panel aims at connecting patients with research scientists, and we are your opportunity to participate in research projects, if you are interested in helping people with chronic diseases to get a better life. When you sign up for the Health Panel, you will ensure better treatments for children and adults, who live with chronic diseases every day, in the future.


Who can sign up for The Health Panel?

Anyone, with or without a chronic disease, can join the Health Panel and we encourage anyone with an interest in health and/or anyone who would like to help to improve future treatments for diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer's disease etc. to sign up for the Health Panel. By signing up for the Health Panel, you can help finding a cure or better treatments for terrible diseases, which could benefit the next generations.

The Health Panel is working with and writing about a lot of different diseases and both people with a disease, people without a disease and relatives to ill people can join. When you sign up, you will only be contacted if you profile matches an ongoing research project.

All of our research projects are always approved by the Independent Ethics Committees (IEC) or Institutional Review Boards (IRB).


What do you gain by signing up for The Health Panel?

Signing up for the Health Panel is voluntary and completely free. By using 5-7 minutes of your time to fill out your health profile, you will likely help to find better treatments or even finding cures for chronic diseases in the future.

Do you or someone in your family have a disease? Then you might have experienced a sense of powerlessness due to the lack of treatment options. By participating in research projects, you can help ensure a better future for other families and people with chronic diseases. If you want to help better research and health, join the Health Panel today. Our members believe that a good life is to both give and receive, and that you will help yourself by helping others. Improve research and save lives today by signing up for the Health Panel.


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The goal of Health Panel is to improve health through research, but we need your help to do so. You can help by signing up for Health Panel and thereby possibly become a participant in research projects. We will only contact you if your health profile is consistent with a current research project. All research projects are pre-approved by the respective  Independent Ethics Committees (IEC) or Institutional Review Boards (IRB).

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